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PlayerPlus €500,- competition / sweepstakes

Win €500,- for your cash register every month!

With the latest PlayerPlus update we have completely redesigned the cash register function. We want to take this as an opportunity to top up a different the team’s kitty with €500,- every month.

Who can win?
Any team that actively uses PlayerPlus and has entered the team’s address in the team’s account can win. Active means, that an active team organization takes place with a minimum of five team members. It does not matter how long the team has been using the PlayerPlus app.

  1. Updated the team address?
  2. Minimum of five active members?
  3. Win €500,-

Every month a team will be drawn which meets the above criteria. Respond to the prize notification within seven days and send us a short, creative thank you video that we want to share with the community on our channels - and we'll transfer the prize to you via Paypal or bank transfer. There is no legal recourse.