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We would love to improve the PlayerPlus webpage and apps for you and your teams to the best of our abilities. Daily we receive requests for new features and improvements, which we would love to implement for you. With your Premium-Membership you are not only getting great new features, but also supporting us to further develop PlayerPlus.

from 4,49€/Mon.
for the whole team
Plan events like training, matches, tournaments aso.
Messages via Mail and Push
Messages when players respond
Organise carpooling
Manage Team Cash register
Create Penalty Catalogues
Plan lineup
Publish Game Reports
Create Polls
Ad-free Webpage and App
Create your own Roles
Configure detailed Role-Permissions
Subscribe to Calender
Create guest player and intergrate them into the formation
Cancel an event and notify the Team
When did someone respond
Notify Player, when they receive a penalty
Print as PDF
Number of members max. 30 Unlimited
TeamCloud Memory 15 MB 1.000 MB

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1 Month
for the whole team
est. 0,30€/Month per player
6 Month
for the whole team
est. 0,25€/Month per player*
save 1 month
Total price: 29,94    €
12 Month
for the whole team
est. 0,22€/Month per player*
save 3 month
Total price: 53,88    €

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